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e. cooper rajeshwari seay
  • 500 Hour Structural Yoga Therapy %

e. cooper rajeshwari seay

yoga alliance E-RYT 500 25686 IAYT 28815 international association of yoga therapists

Elizabeth Cooper Rajeshwari Seay is a registered yoga instructor at the 500 hour level with the Yoga Alliance, YA. and a certified yoga therapist and member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, IAYT. She completed the 500 Structural Yoga Therapy certification with Mukunda Stiles.
Cooper has studied with great teachers such as Darren Rhodes, Donna Farhi, Ana Forrest, Amy Ippolitti, Christina Sell, Doug Swenson, Ed Marks, Mary Obendorfer, George Purvis, Bikram Chodury, Kofi Busia, Amy DeFilippi, and Mukunda Stiles.

Cooper began practicing yoga in 1997, blessed by two Integral yoga teachers who were both doctors of chiropractic; her first instruction was both spiritual and profoundly informed by the instructors’ knowledge of the body. A lifelong athlete, Cooper became diverted by more physically challenging forms of hatha, going on to become a Bikram instructor. Following a desire for more arcane and spiritual integration, she traveled to Kerala India to obtain her Sivananda teaching certificate. It was in the Sivananda ashram that she was able to connect her earlier career as a musician with her yoga through Vedic chant.

After completing a teacher training in Bhava yoga with Peter Rizzo, Cooper began teaching vinyasa in the lineage of Krishnamacharya. Captivated by Mukunda Styles at a workshop in 2010, she cleared her schedule to take Mukunda’s Structural Yoga therapy course. Her most recent path of study was the Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher course with Mukunda and Chinnamasta Styles.

Cooper currently owns and operates the Antahsara Yoga Shala located in Clarkesville GA. Antahsara Yoga Shala is a part of A Garden For Wellness, a wellness center offering clinical hypnosis, acupuncture, massage, yoga, and chiropractic care.

Cooper’s personal sadhana is defined by use of Patanjali Yoga Sutra Darshan as a reference text and her devotion to the eight limbed path.

As a teacher, Cooper strives to integrate the tapas of a strong practice with the santosha of a quiet mind. She is sensitive to the perils of strong physical work in a culture that is body obsessed, and believes that only through the eight-limbed path can we become free from internal friction and external attachments.

Cooper knows that you can use the power of the mind to change your life for the better from personal experience. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist American Council of Hypnotist Examiners #308-286 through the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. Cooper attended the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Santa Fe, NM, where she also coached, and she has had the honor of studying with one of the fathers of modern hypnotherapy, Gil Boyne.

Cooper approaches hypnosis holistically; she works with the person and not the “problem.”




robin berger workman

robin berger workman

One day, not too many years ago, I started thinking I wanted to experience yoga. I had read about how good it was for the body. I’d seen the magazine ads of people doing yoga and they looked so fit, relaxed and serene. I started envisioning being inside my body lengthening muscle, smoothing out knots, feeling everything from my toes all the way to the top of my head. It was a really nice picture. I went to my first class a few months later. It didn’t take long for me to see there was so much more to it than just a workout. Becoming fit was not just about the physical body but also becoming fit in the mind. The postures were just a way to get to the really good stuff housed in the head. I saw how a physical practice could open a door to the emotions and to the soul. It has provided me with answers I have looked for much of my life. Ones tucked away in the tissues of my body. I wanted to share what I found so beneficial to me with others. I took The 200 hour Teacher Training at Antahsara Yoga Shala in 2017 and started teaching there. One of the things I find so important to my practice, and in my life, is the breath. My classes are slower paced, have a big focus on the breath and really experiencing the postures. It’s all about the journey. Robin Berger Workman

candy gay
  • Yoga Instruction %

candy gay

registered yoga instructor at the 200 hour level with the Yoga Alliance 146661

Candy Gay is a registered yoga instructor at the 200 hour level with the Yoga Alliance.She began the journey into yoga in 2012. The first class she ever took the teacher spoke about compassion (karuna) she said that we must start with self compassion and then extend that out into the world. Candy began to read and study and practice asana. In 2013 her journey brought her to Cooper rajeshwari Seay and in 2014 she completed 200 HR teaching training and is blessed to continue her studies with Cooper. Candy’s intention is to share the karuna she has developed with others through teaching Yoga.
The intention of each class she leads is to pass on the techniques and traditions she learned, and to inspire each student to live life with total self acceptance. The beginning level classes she teaches are Monday at 11am -12:15, Monday 12:30 to 1:00 and Friday 11am-12:15

tasha grand
  • Yoga Instruction %

tasha grand

yoga instructor massage therapist

Tasha has been studying yoga since 1993. She studied Astanga yoga for 10 years with the influences of BKS Iyengar, Pattahbi Jois, Shiva Rea, and Tim Miller and now practices and teaches a gentle vinyasa or “slow flow” yoga. Tasha is also a licensed Massage Therapist. She offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy and Hot Stone massage. With her extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the body she is able to give gentle suitable adjustments and modifications throughout class. Her class is a flowing sequence of postures combined with the breath to build strength, balance, and flexibility. In this class the breath acts like an anchor to each movement as you flow from one pose to another in time with an inhale or exhale.

Tasha has been a licensed massage therapist since 1989 where she studied at IPSB (Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing) in San Diego, Ca. She has had a private practice for many years as well as worked in different spa atmospheres. After a 10 year sabatical to have children she has returned to her work. She practices deep tissue, hot stones, trigger point therapy and spa services such as facials and foot massages. Please contact her at 706-968-3976 to schedule an appointment.


Services Offered:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Facials
  • Foot Massage


dr deana brooksher

dr deana brooksher

yoga instructor and doctor of chiropratic

The path to self-realization can come in many ways! Twenty five years ago during winter break from my first year of Chriopractic College, I was kidnapped by my best friend from high school and delivered to a 10 day silent retreat at Yogaville in Buckingham, VA. This was my first conscious awakening and beginning of my love affair with yoga. Driven by my own experience and excitement, I started teaching almost immediately because it was clear to me the benefits of this ancient and effective technology hold the potential to make this world a better place. I took it upon myself to practice it and share it and include it in my work as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

nadine beradi

nadine beradi


Nadine L. Berardi left for India at the age of 19 and spent 10 1/2 continuous
years studying Sanskrit, and classical Indian dance and music. During this
period in India, and another two years as a Fulbright scholar, she was
rigorously trained by Indian Sanskrit pandits. As a result, both her
pronunciation of the Sanskrit language and her interpretation of Sanskrit
texts possess an authenticity rare for Westerners. She holds undergraduate
and graduate degrees from Bombay University in Mumbai, India in Sanskrit
language and classical Sanskrit ­based performing arts; and graduate
degrees from Columbia University in New York City in Sanskrit language,
literature and culture. After returning from India she taught Sanskrit at
Columbia University and later at Emory University. The challenge she took
on was to make this notoriously difficult language accessible and assimilable
for Western students who did not have extensive backgrounds in either
South Asian studies, or in other classical languages. Having developed her
own pedagogical methods and materials for Sanskrit, she makes this
expertise available to students of yoga and other Sanskrit­related disciplines,
at all levels of instruction. Because of her love for Sanskrit, and her devotion
to teachers who generously entrusted their learning, she is especially careful
about preserving the purity of the language.
Nadine has been a spiritual seeker from the age of 15 when she first read
the Upanisads; she has been a yoga­sadhika for the past 44 years.

casey scott
  • yoga instruction %

casey scott

yoga instruction

Casey Scott is a musician and artist with a particular interest in Zen and Taoist literature. His Intro to Meditation classes combine Yin Yoga with philosophy from various meditative traditions, mental and physical relaxation and de-stressing techniques and a short period for meditation practice at the end of each class. Casey’s yoga classes tend to be relatively slow paced and contemplative, with an emphasis on meditation and Mind/ Breath/ Body unification.

Instruction provided: Yoga.

richard eubanks

richard eubanks

AIS instructor and massage therapist

Richard was introduced to AIS in 2005 during a time of great personal transformation that eventually led him to a career in bodywork. It was evident from the beginning that this method of increasing mobility and flexibility in the body were superior to any other method that he had ever tried. It changed his body, my life and my career.

Richard is a licensed massage therapist with a practice in Clarkesville and a former instructor of Neuromuscular Therapy with certifications in several types of body therapies including Active Isolated Stretching.

AIS (or Active Isolated Stretching – the Mattes method) is fundamental to Richard’s work. He uses it in most of his bodywork sessions and usually assign stretches for homework.