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philosophy of yoga

People have been inquiring about the next yoga teacher training programme. I have put off answering because at this time, none of these people expressing interest actually belong to our kula (yoga community), and none of these people followed my suggestion to start attending classes at Antahsara Yoga Shala to decide if I was their teacher. It feels out of integrity to offer a teacher training to students who may well be dedicated, but are not expressing an interest in our shala and community. I believe that it requires a strong sadhana (personal practice) with abhyasa (steady, focused practice over a long period of time) to help mould one into a potential teacher.

When I attended my first teacher training course, I did so not from the desire to serve others, but to deepen my own knowledge and practice of yoga. Serving others came later and continues to do so. At that time, unless one found (called in) their guru or teacher, there were very little options available on the spectrum between taking public classes and attending training to become a teacher. In the West today, there are many, many options to learn more about asana, and even a few more options to learn more about the whole of Yoga. But even today, deepening your practice still seems synonymous with the teacher training track.

And in that vein, I am very excited to introduce a new offering which is designed to both deepen your personal practice, and which could also be applied toward teacher training in the future. The Philosophy of Yoga is a workshop format meeting of like minded yoga practitioners of all levels. Asana (seat, denotes the postures) may occasionally make an appearance, but this is not intended to be another asana class. We offer plenty of options for that on our schedule. This is something free from the confines of a traditional yoga asana class in the West. Expect some chanting, pranayama (conscious breathing), and experiential demystification of key sanskrit terms. We will meet for two hours once a month on a Saturday from 12 – 2 PM.

Yoga is both art and science. One of my teachers called it simply, “a recipe for happiness”. For various reasons which we will discuss in class, the full teachings of Yoga still require perseverance and a bit of digging. If your idea of Yoga begins and ends with hatha yoga (physical postures and conscious breathing ), I invite you to join us on a deep dive into philosophy and techniques that are time proven to help you discover your true potential.