Elizabeth Cooper Rajeshwari Seay is a certified yoga therapist with the International Yoga Association of Yoga Therapists, a registered 500 hour yoga instructor and continuing education provider with the Yoga Alliance. Cooper is the lead teacher for teacher training in her school, Antahsara Yoga. She has studied with great teachers such as Mukunda Stiles, Darren Rhodes, Donna Farhi, Ana Forrest, Amy Ippolitti, Christina Sell, Doug Swenson, Ed Marks, Mary Obendorfer, George Purvis, Bikram Chodury, Kofi Busia, and Amy DeFilippi. Cooper began practicing yoga in 1997, blessed by two Integral yoga teachers who were both doctors of chiropractic; her first instruction was both spiritual and profoundly informed by the instructors’ knowledge of the body. A lifelong athlete, Cooper became diverted by more physically challenging forms of hatha, going on to become a Bikram instructor. After four years of teaching an average of fourteen classes a week, running studios and eventually opening her own studio in the west, she traveled to kerala India in 2000 to obtain her Sivananda teaching certificate. It was in the ashram that she found the hidden essence she had been seeking in the West. India and the ashram provided context for the postures with in the greater whole of the art and science of Yoga.

After returning to the United States, Cooper continued to run studios and teach, takingk every class she could, traveling to work with many great teachers. Eventually feeling stymied by the limitations of teaching in the class format, Cooper began studying with Mukunda Stiles. She received her yoga therapy certification from Mukunda in 2014. Mukunda’s teacher was T Krishnamacharya, so Cooper’s lineage is rich and illustrious.

Her work is based upon the bedrock the while every body can practice hatha yoga, not every posture is for every body. She is sensitive to the perils of strong physical work in a culture that is body obsessed, and believes that only through the eight-limbed path can we become free from internal friction.

You can expect a traditional class with emphasis on linking postures with the breath to create one pointed focus leading to state change. You will be introduced to concepts from Patanjali Yoga Sutra Darshana.

Cooper currently owns and operates the Antahsara Yoga, part of A Garden For Wellness, located in Clarkesville GA, where she offers private and class instruction as well as yoga therapy session.

“The yoga shala is a laboratory, it is where we begin to observe our patterning. It is an amazing journey to become aware enough to observe, and in control enough to create more options for our behavior.”~ E Cooper Rajeshwari Seay“

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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